Currently there are no open positions at RESULT.

Please check again regularly, if you are interested in a position in the field of medical technology or software development. Our software projects are developped in Delphi 5. So your preferred programming environment should be Borland´s Delphi, or at least a sound basis in ancient Turbo Pascal. A degree in mathematics, physics, or informatics is welcome, but not necessarily a prerequisite. A deep interest in biomedical topics, or medical application of physics-based or inspired ideas, however, will help you to understand the problems we are dealing with.

We regularly have open positions for doctorate students in medicine and biology. If you are searching for an MD / PhD thesis in the field of neurology, you are welcome to contact Prof. Dr. Med. Mario Siebler of the Neurology Department, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf.

Please feel free to contact Stephan Theiss, if you are looking for a parttime position, or possibly a freelance  cooperation. Enclose a short cv, and a letter describing your background and why you chose our company for your application.

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