CVRF is a 32 bit Windows software designed to automatically generate risk profiles in large screening-studies. The abbreviation CVRF stands for “Cerebro-Vascular Risk Factors”, and indeed, in 1994 the prototype of the CVRF-software has first been applied in a stroke prevention project by the Bertelsmann company in Gütersloh. At that time we worked with a DOS-based Turbo-Pascal program on a standalone PC.

From there it was a long way to the present product: network-based, 32-bit Windows95/98/2000/NT4.0 compatible, proprietary database format, automatic generation of reports and letters to general practicioners in LaTeX, automatic evaluation of duplex images by OLE interface to image analysis software, and many more features.

CVRF has been applied in large studies (7000 subjects) under the aegis of the Bertelsmann Stroke Foundation (“Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe”, Gütersloh), with Prof. Dr. Med. H. Steinmetz and PD Dr. Med. M. Sitzer, University of Frankfurt, as medical directors. Study sites were the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf, as well as Bertelsmann in Gütersloh. The data acquired with CVRF is currently being analyzed within various projects at the Klinik für Neurologie in Frankfurt.

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