Drug Screening

Conventional Neuroactivity Screening
In drug development, pharmaceutical companies use neurotoxicity assays and single-cell patch-clamp experiments to screen potential drugs for neuroactive effects. Single-cell patch-clamp, however, misses important presynaptic, synaptic transmission, and network-driven drug effects.

The Neurochip

Dissociated neuronal networks on microelectrode-arrays (MEA) are novel cell-based biosensors for advanced multichannel screening of neuroactive drug effects.

Multichannel recordings on MEAs detect activity patterns of interacting neuronal networks in vitro. Highly sophisticated Neurochip analysis of neuronal network activity adds a new dimension to established methods of single cell investigation like the patch-clamp technique.

Neurochip Drug Screening Service

As a service to pharmaceutical companies, the Neurochip Consortium offers drug screening for neuroactive, network-driven effects in vitro.

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